An Introduction: A Trans Alternative view

We are a misunderstood lot amongst both the right and left. It’s easy to be swayed to the left in our… predicament shall we call it? Because they can appear to play all the right notes but the deeper you delve into the left the more you find their coming from a place that only damages our image as human beings. It’s easy to hear people on the right and automatically be turned off by it, after all it’s the right that are more likely to openly declare us as mentally ill or as freaks. What exactly am i talking about here? Transsexuals.

This site is aimed mostly at FTM’s (female to male) but MTF (Male to female) are welcome. It’s not just aimed at those specific groups though, it’s also a voice amongst many trying to get some understanding out there between us and anyone in the majority of the population who has never experienced gender dysphoria.

The reasons I’ve started this blog I shall begin to explain. As stated above we’re misunderstood by both the left and right and probably even the middle. I don’t believe the LGBT are a good counterargument, in fact i try my best to avoid LGBT culture, it’s not to my taste. And this is essentially what this blog is about, it’s about an alternative view and approach to the topic of gender. It will mostly consist of posts to do with masculinity which is why as stated previous, it’s mostly aimed at FTM’s more so than MTF’s though I live in the hope that anyone trans or not can gain some insight from my blog.

The more i have delved into LGBT culture and left wing politics the more i have found myself feeling alienated. It’s also often left a sour taste in my mouth, with an understanding why people get the impression we’re all crazy and or freaks, especially transsexuals when you look at the media representation of us and when people come across the dreaded tumblr transsexuals and feminists.

On the one hand ingrained in leftists and LGBT culture is the idea that gender is social construct, and on the other suddenly differences do exist and indeed matter when it paints women or gay people in a positive light or when it gives the opportunity to paint men in a bad light. These are things I just can’t get behind, not to mention the mental gymnastics one must go through as a trans invidual to believe it’s all a social construct. I can’t, with all due respect, even begin to understand the mindset of trans inviduals who buy into this notion while also crying that they absaloutely need to transition. It makes no logical sense to me.
Then we have people who may be or may not be on the right, though i find they often lean towards the right when they make the following arguments that go along the lines of “If i walked into the doctors office today and said, “Doctor I feel like a cat” they’d probably offer me help for my mental health” that’s possibly putting it a bit more politely than how they word it, but you get the idea of where they’re coming from, “Yet if i walk in and say i feel like the opposite gender, they will help me mutilate myself!”  First thing, the opposite gender is still human a cat is not, obviously. Which makes a big difference. But more onto the point, if you make that argument to me i can only come to one conclusion, you’re uneducated on the topic. What you say implies it’s a really simple thing to do. No trans man or woman walks into a competent doctor’s office says “I feel like the opposite gender” and are simply given the hormones and surgery they seek. They are given psychiatric evaluations because indeed feeling that way could potentially be due to a psychotic illness. They try to rule out any mental illness that could be a cause of this, though having a mental illness doesn’t automatically make you exempt from transition, they won’t go ahead with it till you have been stable for a certain length of time. That can depend on how severe your mental illness is. There are other areas i’d like to explore within the context or usually right leaning views, but i’ll leave that for another day.

If you read through all that, thank you.



2 thoughts on “An Introduction: A Trans Alternative view

  1. “On the one hand ingrained in leftists and LGBT culture is the idea that gender is social construct, and on the other suddenly differences do exist and indeed matter when it paints women or gay people in a positive light or when it gives the opportunity to paint men in a bad light.”

    Just so you know, the above sentence is what made me decide to follow you. It’s so disturbing how certain parts of the aforementioned subcultures tend to treat cis men as dangerous, or how their masculinity is “toxic” or even state that heterosexual male sexuality is “perverted”. I’m a gender dysphoric female…I identify as a male, even though I unfortunately have a very womanly body. I also support men’s rights and am an egalitarian.

    So far, it’s been difficult to find others who are trans/gender dysphoric and don’t immediately side with the radical social justice warriors or loud feminists who claim their ideology helps men while simultaneously saying that the movement is “for women”. Enough with the demonization of my gender, already! Men are people, women are people. Can’t we all just be adults and follow the Golden Rule?

    Anyway, thanks for following me and for having such a promising blog. Hopefully there will be more open discussions that allows us FtM dysphorics to really get into how we experience masculinity and maybe even ways to help all men be better understood.


    1. Thanks for the follow. being trans is a hard thing to describe, but I hope to try and give insights, at least from my own personal perspective, into what it’s like so that none dysphoric people can maybe understand better or so other trans people can read and relate to it. I’m increasingly frustrated with the current culture amongst transmen which is what has lead me to deciding to do this blog.


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