Wake up! The left isn’t on your side!

Wake up trans folk! The left does not do you any favours, they do not fight for your cause. I can no longer pussyfoot around the issue, i make no apologies for questioning the left either.

The lefts apparent flattery towards us with the thing i think most if not all trans people want to hear, that we are who we are and we should be seen as the gender we say is our ‘preference’ is certainly appealing, but the theories they have do not match up to scrutiny. I am willing to give a benifit of a doubt that some of them believe they’re helping, that they actually do care and while their hearts are in the right place, their theories and their approach are not helpful to us.

The lefts theories (Feminism and LGBT crowds, I’m looking at you specifically) is has too many contradictions to be willfully ignored. The left seems to be inundated with the belief that biological determinism doesn’t exist. Believing gender is a social construct, while also arguing that transsexuals have the brains of the oppiste gender. Yea, exactly it doesn’t make sense. They also contradict themselves when it comes to gay people, because of course if biological determinism doesn’t exist then they’re arguably suggesting that sexuality is a choice, something they’re very often loudly proclaiming “It’s not a choice, they’re born that way” how do these theories match up? They simply don’t.
In fact their theories actually make the genitals matter more than anything else when it comes to gender. Because essentially we’re born with a penis and vagina (Without going into chromosomes, that gets more complicated) and this has absaloutely no bearing on our brains, our behaviour and our perceptions. So penis or vagina it has no bearing on anything like that at all, therefore the only difference between the genders is their genitals. Everything is, well thats just a social construct. And if it’s just a social construct, then why transition? Why not just construct yourself a new identity that matches your body!

Which leaves me with the right, they’re are correct about one thing certainly, the left are obsessed with genitals. But the right aren’t off the hook either, and actually in a weird way both the left and right come to very similar conclusions when it comes to transsexuals, it’s just that the left don’t realise it. See if we’re to believe the lefts theory that gender is a social construct then arguably it would be correct for transsexuals to simply go to therapy, a ‘reconstruction of the gender’ therapy if you will. Yes i get that they want rid of the supposed constructs, so to them transitioning is just like “Hey what the hell? what difference does it make?” Well it looks that way, but then they do argue it can’t be helped. So either they’re not being honest, or they don’t listen to themselves when they speak. If that is what you on the left really believe that “Hey what the hell, what difference does it make, lets get operations and be done with it” then be honest about it. Of course to me this doesn’t make sense, there is no fun in any of the procedures and it does to be quite frank with you, completely take the p*** out of trans people who are suffering from their dysphoria.
Going back to the right, they will argue that the genders are different in relation not only to the obvious, but also in relation to behaviours and interests etc yet they will bring up the genitals (Tries to keep a straight face at that turn of phrase) and the chromosomes, but of course there are so many complications when it comes to chromosomes. “It’s a mental illness” they’ll argue “They need therapy” and again i’m willing to give the benifit of a doubt that they have peoples best interests at heart, arguing that to have mentally ill people going through surgery and medicating them on hormones is ethically wrong. But of course many on the right also seem to have the belief that it’s really that easy to transition, that you simply go to a doctor and say “I feel like i’m a man/woman” the implication of this is that these mentally ill people get treatment willy nilly (Still keeping a straight face at that one..) when in fact they don’t, leaving a lot of time in between hormones and surgeries to think. Also in between these treatments it behooves me to say, they do get therapy! But of course to the right this would be the wrong therapy, since the therapist isn’t trying to ‘talk them out of it’ but they are trying to make sure that if it is such a case with a delusional patient that they can get to the truth about these delusions.

So you see the right and left in the end, end up coming with some very similar conclusions, without them conciously realising it. if only they’d just sit back and see it. But they won’t, i don’t doubt that.

Thanks for reading


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