They beg you to let them bleed for you

It makes their hearts swell with pride as they feel offence on a minority’s behalf. They enjoy the warm feeling in their bellies as they feel their way to the top, as they sit with their imaginary crowns sitting on their imaginary thrown of superiority because they have a heart, and they see you as an individual. They’re offended on your behalf at the stereotypes you have to put up with, they scream loud about the jokes that they tell you, you are the butt of. Yes that’s right, they insist you are the butt of the joke, just let them bleed on your behalf! Watch as their egos inflate as they ‘acknowledge’ you too are human and watch how they beat their chests for dominance as they roar for your acceptance. They feel warm inside, they feel good almost gooey, fluffy, they see unicorns and they shit rainbows for you, yes, just for you! And they feel so brilliant because they feel just so diverse! Ooh such fuzzy feels!


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